#13 – Amanda Visek – What makes sports fun?

Läs mer om veckans gäst – Amanda Visek

The number one reason why kids play sports is because they think it’s fun. The number one reason why they drop out is because it’s not fun.

So what are you doing to ensure your coaching sessions are fun?

Amanda Visek is an Associate Professor at The George Washington University, Department of Exercise & Nutrition Sciences, Milken Institute School of Public Health, Washington, D.C.

Amanda’s research in the area of youth sport sustainability has been dedicated to furthering our understanding of “fun” as a human movement experience.

This research has led to the development of the FUN MAPS as blueprints for the fun integration theory (FIT), a framework to maximize fun for children and adolescents to promote and sustain an active and healthy lifestyle through sport.

Huvudämnet (Main topic)

What makes sports fun?

Tre snabba ämnen (Three quick topics)

  • How sustainable are mandatory exercise programs in schools?
  • Scientific research versus anecdotal evidence
  • Gender stereotyping in youth sport context

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Tack till (Acknowledgements)

  • Gästen: Amanda Visek
  • Presentatör: Johan Fallby & Magnus Lindwall
  • Producent: Jamie Smith
  • Inspelning: LjudBang AB
  • Mixning: Jamie Smith
  • Musik: The Peter Svensson Project
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